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Grammar 15 Minutes Per Day

Fix It Grammar is an IEW resource and can serve as your primary grammar teaching resource in your classroom, requires only 15 mins a day for your students to complete their work.

The series is based on fictional stories for grades 3 through to 12, the course increases its difficulty as you move through the levels. Children can start at the grade level they are currently at as there is no need to start at Level 1 at the beginning if they are in a higher level. You will need to spend additional time when first starting the program to teach student the mark-up system used and reviewing grammar instructions they are not acquainted with but in time will be independent. If you are concerned that a child’s grammar has significant gaps, it is recommended starting at Level 1 to fill in these gaps of learning.

· Level 1 Nose Tree Grades 3-5

· Level 2 Town Mouse and Country Mouse Grades 3-5

· Level 3 Robin Hood Grades 6-8

· Level 4 Mowgli and Shere Khan Grades 6-8

· Level 5 Frog Prince Grades 9+

· Level 6 Little Mermaid Grades 9+

Each level comes with a teacher manual and student book that is required for each student. As the terminology and teachings are similar of their Structure and Style for Student course then is recommended to use both in conjunction.

Each level will have a fictional story that is filled with rich vocabulary and its base for the learning throughout the workbook that appeals to children. Over the course of the book their lessons for each week, these are divided up into 5 days with a passage of the story. Each passage students are required to copy these writings at the bottom of their page after they have corrected the vocabulary, grammar, punctuation, spelling, parts of speech, phrases, clauses adverbs, sentence openers, other elements taught through the IEW programs. Students are walked through the process each day’s work as it's listed at the top of the page to help students make corrections and adjustments. Once they are ready, they copy these sentences and paragraphs at the bottom page each day.

The concepts used in the program is:

· Learn It! Instruction presented for the first four days.

· Read It! Vocabulary is checking in dictionary to find meaning or understanding of words in a passage.

· Mark It! Identify specific items in the passage.

· Fix It! Students will not fix the list of issues in the passage.

· Rewrite It! Once all corrections and reviews are complete the student will rewrite the passage

Fix It Grammar is fully independent once the child understands the method for all grades. Its strong in strengthening grammar rules by examining them throughout the year and even over sequential the years. As children move through, they learn more complex rules appropriate to their learning ability. As concepts are taught in context within a story theme the child can comprehend these rules better than in random sentence. This is because they understand “why” as when comprehension in context they can apply the rules to their own writing.

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