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Junior Learning is the home of unique and exciting educational resources.  They pride themselves on having the best value resources - best prices and best educational quality.  By investing in new technologies, they innovate to create new ways for kids to learn and achieve their best.

Every Junior Learning resource has been developed by educational neuroscientist Dr. Duncan.  As such, they include things that make teaching easier including: simple to follow instructions, opportunities for self correction, colour-coding support, rich content and hands on fun.  These educational resources will save hours of preparation time, and as well are a multi-sensory approach that will engage even the most reluctant learner.  

Multisensory teaching is one important aspect of instruction for dyslexic or learning difficulty students and these products are tools for helping educators to keep these student interested and to help you along in this reading journey.  Its better for kids to learn to seek and find the information they need, rather than simply memorizing a list of answers.   Learning the typical way just doesn’t work. These resources have been specially designed to help your child with dyslexia or learning difficulties to gain reading success. 

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