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The Educational Warehouse started out as our children's homeschooling project.  We were offered by a retired teacher her 28 year supply of workbooks and teacher manual and it was far too much for us to use.  We decided to set up a mock business for our children to learn from by sell these secondhand resources back to homeschooling families.  The children learnt about many aspect about running this little business by using their Maths skills to work out profit and loss, English skills to write descriptions for each product, Social Skills to communicate with clients, promotional skill to get new clients and make sales as well as many others skills to keep it running.  But we quickly ran our of stock so they had to source more and we found out very quickly that there were many families looking for these resources.   After three years we decided registered the business, started to import curriculum from the USA and research Australia suppliers to create a section of different resource that homeshcoolers were looking for.  We also started to see that classroom resource were sold in 30+ items but this was far too much for homeschooling families so we started breaking these up so that families could have access to the resource at reasonable prices.  We now have over 5000+ lines new and used and increase all the time as we are looking for new resource that we know homeschoolers can use in teaching.  

Due to my husband last year become very ill due to a stoke and then cancer, he no longer is able to work as a licensed plumber so this business is our sole income.  I truly think we were blessed to have this income or we would not have survived through his illness.  I love working in this business as I have gotten know many homeschooling mums, dads and families and many who are first time homeschoolers who are lost in which curriculum to use or how to start.  I welcome anyone who needs help to please call me on 0410 711 313 as I know how it feels to be just starting out.  I would love to share my knowledge and help any family to start their journey in to homeschooling.

A Little Bit About Me

My name is Neralea and my real passion is language and literacy.  I'm dyslexic and so is my son but it was me who taught him to read and spell.  This was why we homeschooled as mainstream simply was not working for my son.  I decided to teach my son to understand the English language by teaching him all the rules to he give him a better understand of how this language worked rather than teaching sounds.  Teaching sound simply would not work for him as he had issues with hearing the sound in the language (auto-processing disorder).  My sons journey to learn to read and spell took many hours as we had too revisiting many concepts as his working memory wouldn't retain the information.  Today my son is 19 years old and can fluently read and is fairly good at spelling (this was the biggest struggle for him to encode - spelling).  But not only did this help my son but it also helped me too as I am now a better speller and reader since teaching him. 


This is why we import All About Learning (Reading & Spelling) as its a really good program that helps children who are struggling to read and spell.  As your probably can see by these few words, that I have a huge knowledge in this area and again will away have time to spend talking to families who need help in this area.  Many child struggle to read and spell which can be a huge stress for families not knowing what to do or where to go as I too have been there with my son.  

My husband and I have been together for 28 years and have two children aged 19 and 17 (yes one left in the nest) and one little dog call Neo.  We live on the Gold Coast and enjoy many afternoons on our deck which has views of the coast line, having a cuppa with friends and family.  Now my husband is recovering we look forward to some travel in the future.  

"Make today be so awesome, yesterday gets jealous"

Our Promise: 

High Quality Educational Products.

The Educational Warehouse specialises in resources for primary and secondary grades for classrooms and the homeschooling environment. We carry a range of new and second-hand resources on a wide variety of subjects that we continue to keep adding to each day. With our used resources we don't sell anything that we would not use ourselves, and list condition as the following:


Brand New: Not used at all

Like New: Used with no visible marks inside or out

Very Good Condition: Used with visable marks on either cover, bent corners, or some pencil marks within the book up to 4 pages.

Good Condition: Number of faults like loose pages, crease marks on cover or pages, bent corners, pen marks on pages, spine loose but still intack.  

Acceptable Condition: Many faults within the structure of the books spine very loose, missing pages, scribble through the book, lost cover, dirty pages.


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