Beast Academy is a full curriculum for students ages 8‑13. Each level is split into four units, A‑D. For each unit, there is a Guide book and a Practice book.

The Guide books provide comprehensive, rigorous instruction in a fully illustrated textbook written in an engaging, comic-book style.

The Practice books include hundreds of exercises, problems, puzzles, and games to reinforce the lessons taught in the Guides.

What are the Beast Academy Books?

Comprehensive Curriculum

Beast Academy offers a full math curriculum for future math beasts. Students learn more than just arithmetic, with introductions to the richness of math and opportunities to hone the problem-solving skills that will help them excel in math and science.


Model Conversations

Young students often learn best through conversation. The comic-book format of the Guide books allows us to simulate those conversations, inviting readers to imagine themselves taking part.


Illustrated Guide Books

The engaging story and vivid imagery of the Beast Academy Guide books captivate both the reader and the visual learner, offering strong pedagogical support while heightening student engagement.


Engaging Practice

More than just drill, Beast Academy Practice books offer problems and puzzles that teach higher-order reasoning skills while reinforcing fundamentals.

Thorough Solutions

Practice books provide detailed examples and step-by-step solutions that model general problem-solving strategies. Many solutions feature more than one approach


How Do They Benefit Students?


Strengthens Literacy

The comic-book style integrates language arts into math lessons. The stories are fun to read out loud like a play, the content encourages attention to detail, and the text suggests places to pause and reflect.


Inspires Creativity

Beast Academy features interesting problems and approaches that inspire the lateral thinking that is a hallmark of great problem-solvers.


Engages Imagination

The Beast Academy universe kindles students' sense of wonder, opening multiple learning avenues through rich imagery and conversation.

Builds Foundations

Beast Academy gives students a solid mathematical foundation for their future studies in math, science, engineering, computer science, and other related fields.