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The History of the World by Susan Wise Bauer

Susan Wise Bauer’s acclaimed History of the World series takes you from Sumer to Sri Lanka, from Hammurabi to Henry V, telling the story of civilizations around the world. Dozens of custom-created maps accompany each volume so that you won’t get lost on your journey.

Each volume in this series can be a full year of history study for advanced high school students by adding our Study & Teaching Guides. These guides provide review questions, essay topics, map exercises, and grading rubrics to minimize prep time and maximize understanding.

Publishers Weekly: “Witty and well-written…rich in detail and intriguing in anecdotal information.”

Kirkus Reviews: “The author has an excellent eye for presenting her subject in bold strokes, memorable themes, and without undue clutter…a wide-angle, thorough world survey…complete with immensely useful timelines and maps.”

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