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Great Science Adventures


Published by Common Sense Press, Great Science Adventures is the result of the creativity of Dinah Zike and Susan Simpson. This series makes learning relevant and exciting! Check out all 10 titles which include Life, Earth, and Physical Science!


This science series will change your science teaching forever!

Once you use these science books, you will never go back to the old way of teaching. These teaching tools bring excitement and creative illustrations to learning. And another great thing about Great Science Adventures is that these books contain reproducible pages for the “Lots of Science Library Books” your learners create. You won't believe how interested the students are, when using books they make themselves.

Great Science Adventures is an incredible value. Each book contains 24 lessons, with 2-3 lessons completed each week. The unique format contains activities and basic content appropriate for grades Prep through 7. Perfect for multilevel teaching or if you want to challenge your advanced students individually. You will not find this amount of value in a single science book anywhere.


Each GSA Book Contains Everything You Need for 24 Complete Lessons:

In each of the 24 lessons, students make a Lots of Science Library Book using the masters provided inside. Information, pictures and diagrams make the study of plants meaningful.


For lab activities, our exclusive Investigative Loop process helps students get the most from their experience. Complete and clear directions are provided, along with materials lists, questions to ask, and data for students to record.

3D Graphic Organizers make complicated material simple. Students see and touch each part, increasing understanding and retention. Teacher Pages include vocabulary words, concept maps, assessments, assignments for all grade levels, and enrichment activities.




Is this a full science curriculum for Prep- 7?

The Great Science Adventures is a full science curriculum, not just a supplement. We recommend one book from each of the three areas of study (Earth, Life, and Physical) for a complete year of curriculum.


How can a book cover Prep-7?

Through our unique format, each book has materials and learning activities geared for the different grade levels. We use pencil icons or pictures to show the teacher which tasks to do with a particular age group. One pencil is for Prep-2, two pencils for grades 3 - 5, and three pencils for grades 6 - 7.


What is a Graphic Organizer?

A 3-D Graphic Organizer is a student or teacher made paper object that visually represents or explains the material learned by the student. Our Great Science Adventures series is built upon these important teaching devices and Dinah Zike is the leader in using 3-D graphic organizers, having invented over 100 of them.


Do I have to buy student books?

No. The student material is included in the Lots of Science Library Book pages within each book. These can be photocopied freely.


What is required for one year of science teaching?

Great Science Adventures is a full science curriculum, not just a supplement. We recommend one book from each of the three areas of study (Earth, Life, and Physical) for a complete year of curriculum.


Is the Great Science Adventures series Christian in content and philosophy?
The Great Science Adventures series contains only scientific facts. It does not include any references to origin. For example, Earth is described simply as the third planet from the Sun. No information is given as to how Earth was created, how long it has existed, etc.

Great Science Adventures is a hands-on science curriculum that will allow your students to learn about the world around them. Students and teachers alike tell us that it is fun, simple, and extremely effective.

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