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Telling God’s Story

The center of the Christian faith is Jesus. So our Telling God’s Story series, suitable for home or church use, uses passages from the Gospels to teach elementary-age students about his life, teachings, miracles, death, and resurrection. Each Instructor Text contains 36 weeks of lessons. The optional Activity Books contain coloring pages, craft projects, activity sheets, service-project ideas, and memorization aids.

Note to Parents: No matter what your student tells you, the “Make a Centurion’s Helmet” project in the Year One Activity Book does NOT include a “Step 8: Invade Your Brother’s Room and Conquer it For the Glory of Caesar.”

This series gives parents and educators the tools and confidence to teach the Bible. From scholar Peter Enns and writer/teacher Rachel Marie Stone, as well as the classical educators from Well-Trained Mind Press, Telling God’s Story is an elementary curriculum featuring low-prep lessons, beautiful illustrations, and a wealth of activities and supplements.

Instructor Texts for Telling God’s Story 1-4

Scripted sets of 36-39 lessons each, taking elementary students and teachers through four years of learning about Jesus’ life, teachings, death, and resurrection, and the life and beliefs of the early church. For each week, the instructor text gives helpful background information and commentary for the teacher, a passage from the Gospels, Acts, or Epistles to read aloud, and a scripted explanation of the passage designed so that young children will easily grasp the meaning.

Activity Books for Telling God’s Story 1-4

Edited by Justin Moore and featuring the work of talented artists, designers, parents, and educators (including many of the same people who worked on the Story of the World activity books), these student guides provides activities, crafts, coloring pages, Bible memory work, classroom games, and group projects to accompany every lesson in the Instructor Texts.

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