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This pair of long nose pliers, also known as needle-nose pliers, will help you bend, cut, and reposition various items. Made of high quality materials with a fine polished surface. Pliers are handy for a variety of tasks and are a useful tool to have around the house, office or classroom.The extra-long size of these pliers makes sure that you can get into even the most tight and tricky spaces.Cut, hold, bend and reposition wires with these long nose pliers. Use them as a jewellery making aid or with the children’s arts and crafts to place small items. In addition useful in setting up science experiments. Hencethe long nose allows excellent control and the cutting edge means you don’t have to switch between tools. 15cm long pliers.

The use of real tools, with proper supervision helps to encourage children to become confident and capable learners. With the right supervision and guidelines, many children will be able to use real life tools to create, build and also design.

We always recommend children of all ages are properly supervised and wear appropriate protective clothing, glasses and or gloves where necessary when using tools. The use of real life tools can lead to real and more meaningful learning experiences for children of all ages. As a result, risky play can be an important part of a child's education and development. In addition, with appropriate risk assessments, the use of real tools and risky play allows children to participate in authentic, real experiences which in turn increases motivation, improves behaviour, develops communication and language, develops understanding of the world, and accompanies other curriculum and developmental areas.


Please note that these Pliers Long Nose are not a toy and require adequate and responsible supervision at all times and as determined by the service, school and educator.

Pliers Long Nose – 15cm

3-5 days
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