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Links & Work Cards Set consists of 19 double-sided activity cards and a set of 500 small Links combined together in one handy storage case. The design is suitable for small hands to connect and separate.

Use counting links for a wide range of mathematical activities. Use them for sorting, counting or patterning and sequencing activities. Or use them as a non-standard unit of measurement. Links supplied in a sturdy jar, easy for storage. The links connect together to make a long string of counting links. How many links are you? You can compare the length of different students in the class as a non-standard unit of measurement. Or create a pattern string and let your students copy the pattern. You can also sort the different links by colour.


The counting links are perfect for adding and subtracting.Use the links for fraction and percentages, by linking a few links together. Ask the students what the fraction of the green group is, and the red group, the yellow group, etc. By adding or removing a link, you can let them recalculate the fraction.

Link Set with Activity Cards 519 pieces

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