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Did you know your spinal column consists of 33 vertebrae or that your ankle bone is called the Tarsal bone? Children will learn all about their skeleton and each of the bones in their body with this descriptive and informative skeletal system chart. Bones and skeletons are fascinating for young students. It is a concept that is hard to grasp or visualise, because it’s not visible from the outside. With this chart, they will understand how the bones in our body support our body and make it possible to stand up straight, walk and move around. The skeletal system chart displays the human body from the front and the back, and also shows the spinal column from the side. From the skull to the phalanges, every major bone is displayed, and each of the 33 vertebrae are grouped into smaller groups. The laminated chart measures 69.5 x 49.5cm and is a great classroom wall display.

Skeletal System Wall Chart

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