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These Learning Can Be Fun Posters will help young minds to learn all about essential skills for early learning. There are 4 posters in this box that are laminated and can be used with write-on and wipe-off whiteboard markers. They're brightly coloured and illustrated to help make the posters fun and engaging.


  • These posters are designed to help early learners develop knowledge about our world.
  • The lessons are ideal for ages 5 and over.
  • The posters are brightly coloured and feature illustrations that help to make learning fun.
  • They're perfect for wandering or concentrated eyes in playrooms, bedrooms or on the back of doors.
  • These posters are laminated, can be written on with a whiteboard marker and wiped clean for reuse.
  • The author is Gillian Miles.
  • It's a part of the Learning Can Be Fun poster range.

Our World Poster Set of 4 (74cm x 50cm)

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