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Lenz’s Law – Eddy Current Apparatus. To demonstrate Lenz’s Law and production of Eddy Currents. The apparatus consists of a Copper Tube, a Plastic Tube, Coil with alligator clips wound on a bobbin with a centre hole thru which the copper or plastic tube can pass, a strong magnet, a rubber collar to hold the coil in place when the copper or plastic tube passes thru it and two LEDs. Connect one of the LED’s to the alligator clips on the coil. Pass the Copper Tube thru the hole in the hole, held in place with a rubber collar. On passing the magnet thru the Copper Tube, it will be observed that the LED glows when the magnet passes thru the section where the coil is. When the plastic tube is placed instead of the copper tube, the LED does not glow. This produces an Eddy Current.


Units: Each.

Lens Law & Magnetic Induction Kit

3-5 days
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