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This Bunsen Burner is a quality burner for lab use. The aluminium burner mixing tube comes complete with a brass flame stabilizer and is threaded into a die casted zinc alloy base. Equipped with a serrated inlet for connection to 6-8mm tubing. Air supply is controlled by a nickel plated brass sleeve covering ports at the lower end of the mixing tube. The brass orifice is fixed. Dimensions: The base has a diameter of 80mm. The height of the Bunsen burner is approximately 13mm. Weight is approximately 120g.


This Bunsen burner is suitable for use in combination with LPG. The rubber tubing required is to be made of neoprene rubber which is also available on our website ".


Each product is carefully designed by a team of laboratory professionals and experienced engineers with quality and durability in mind. They are manufactured with only the highest grade, raw materials and according to international quality standards to ensure that they can withstand use in even the toughest laboratory environments.

Bunsen Burner with Flame Stabilizer

3-5 days
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