All About Reading Level 1

Second Edition

This level has been updated to a Second Edition. The First and Second Editions of Level 1 cannot be mixed and matched. View the FAQs for more information. Now stocking Student Packet & Activity Book for 1st Edition.  For any other first edition supplies please call us at 0410 711 313 to order other replacement First Edition materials (copyright 2015 and older).

 Placement test to determine if your student is ready for Level 1. 


*If you already own an Interactive Kit, you do not need to purchase an additional one for this level.   Spelling Interactive Kit from the All About Spelling program, can be used as you don’t have to buy the entire Reading Interactive Kit.

You only need to purchase the Reading Divider Cards to complete your Reading Interactive Kit.

Note: magnetic white boards are NOT included in Level 1 Materialse Kits. They can be purchased separately.