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Maths Class

Placement Tests



The current curriculum we supply to Australia market is used in Singapore schools, its a full colour edition and is the closest edition to the Australia curriculum.  We recommended all student take the placement test prior to placing an order.  This will determine what level each student will start at prior to making your first purchase.  Once a student scores 80% or above on a test, this indicates that the student has a good skill level and to move to the next level.  However, if a Maths concept is repeatedly scored incorrect, then it is recommended to start at that level.

The is no time limits on each tests and to take test in mornings when the student is fresh and ready, with a quite area to work at with no interruptions.  

Suggested time for taking tests: These tests are not supposed to be timed. Allow at least an hour for each test.

The placement test is not the only factor in deciding where to place students. Educators should not base their placements solely on scores but should consider how students worked the problems and where they had trouble. For example, a student might do computation correctly but struggle with word problems. Educators can look at textbook tables of contents and go over parts of a corresponding chapter from previous levels to help students with specific topics. These tests were not designed to be exit tests.

How to place a child after a test:

It is recommend to start a student in Part A of the level, even if your student scores above 80% on part A but under on Part B.  Starting a student back to Part A of that level will give the student revision and in turns builds confidence and as well gets them ready in the methods of Signapore Maths so when they start Part B outcomes will be much easy to overcome.


Please Note:  New Syllabus Secondary Maths 7th edition has been rename!  The new Edition will be called think! Mathematics.

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