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Introducing All About Reading Color Edition!

All About Learning Press, have always made it a priority to listen to you - the user. And in the years since All About Reading was first released, you’ve asked for one thing over and over again. Can you guess?

That’s right! COLOUR!

It’s not that the black and white versions aren’t lovely…they are!  But you asked for colour, so on January 10, 2019, they are releasing a new full-color edition of All About Reading Levels 1-4! And boy, is it beautiful!

new colour.jpg

Here’s What's Changing

When you open the new color edition of All About Reading, you’ll find some things that look different.

Full-color Teacher’s Manuals

The Teacher’s Manuals have all been updated with 50+ pages of new material per level including expanded “Preparing to Teach” material and appendices, LOTS of brand-new teaching tips, and even more hands-on learning activities than before. All these features were designed to help make your job as a teacher easier than ever. (Click to see a sample from the All About Reading Color Edition Level 2 Teacher’s Manual.)

teacher colour.png

Full-color Activity Books

The activities in these colorful new books will add even more fun to your child’s lesson time. (Click to see a sample from the All About Reading Color Edition Level 2 Activity Book.)


Heirloom-Quality Readers

Filled with gorgeous full-color illustrations, these decodable readers are certain to delight you and your child. (Click to see a sample from the All About Reading Color Edition Level 2 Readers.)


But as great as these changes are, some of the best things about All About Reading haven’t changed at all!

Here’s What Didn’t Change

High-Quality Content

The stories and activity books are essentially the same, and we believe that the Teacher’s Manuals have always been the very best in the industry. The new edition still contains everything that makes All About Reading “easy to learn and easy to teach,” but now there’s even more!

Our Top-Notch Customer Service

If you’ve ever had to contact us with a question about using our products, you know that our customer service team is nothing short of amazing. Whether you contact us over the phone, in an email or on social media, we are always takes the time to help you solve your problem!

All About Reading

All About Reading is a fun and engaging program that has everything your student needs to become a fluent reader for life!

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All About Reading consists of Pre-reading and Levels 1-4. It teaches all key components of reading in a fun and engaging way. Choose a level or placement test below to get started!

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