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Maths Class

Think! Mathematics Singapore Edition

think! Mathematics (Singapore Edition) is a series of textbook and workbooks specially written to reflect a student-centred approach, which serves to engage pupils so that they have a solid foundation in Mathematics.  This series covers the MOE Primary Mathematics Syllabus implemented from 2021. Written in accordance with extensively researched approaches used in Singapore, it adopts a spiral design with the integration of the concrete-pictorial-abstract (C-P-A) approach, careful variation and the use of problem solving, which are integral features of the learning process.


  • Practice to encourage independent learning and to provide assessment opportunities.

  • Checklist to develop pupils' self-awareness as learners.

  • Review offers opportunities for pupils to consolidate learning at the end of chapter.

  • Cumulative Review offers further practice that requires concepts from more than one chapter.

  • Self Check for pupil to assess their understanding of each chapter.

Please Note:
Teacher Resources Books only come in Digital Format as the publishers will not be releasing a hardcopy due to the expense of printing these two books per level.  The estimated cost for the two Teacher Resources Books per level was going to be around $290.00 per level.  The cost of the digital per year is $34.95 and includes both books for that level.

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