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Beautifully illustrated by Desmond Digby, here is a new edition of Australia's most famous song.

Beautifully illustrated children's paperback by much loved Australian Poet A.B Paterson . through a light lyrical verse, comes to life the story of a swagman who steals a sheep or 'jumbuck', and his ensuing police chase. Desmond Digby's painterly style of illustration with rustic colours, and a rugged looking swagman encapsulate the poet's Australian bush perfectly. the song was a collaboration between Christina MacPherson, who was responsible for the earliest version of the music, and Banjo Paterson, who wrote the words in 1895. As widely read today as it was 100 years ago, this is a must for all Australian children. Ages 4+

Waltzing Matilda by AB Paterson (Australia Children's Classic)

  • ISBN:9780207170980

    Category:Picture books

    Format:Paperback / softback

    Publication Date:01-01-1991

    Publisher:HarperCollins Publishers (Australia) Pty Ltd

    Country of origin:Australia


    Dimensions (mm):257x211x3mm


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