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Twine cotton 236m. Tough twine, 450g on a spindle.

This ball of string is super useful string for all your art and craft needs. It is very strong and can be easily cut into lengths so you can use the amount needed reducing wastage. The twine can be used for various crafting and displaying needs. Children can hang their paintings on the wall using a long piece of string and this provides a lovely natural feel to the display and lovely texture. Items can be stuck on with sticky tape or pegs to create a unique display piece in the classroom or home.

Children can use the twine in crafting projects such as making natural coloured bows to go on gifts or they can use it to tie different objects together. Children can make beautiful bunting using fabric or coloured paper. They could cut small piece to create the appearance of hair on art and craft pieces. By making a rhombus shape children can place the string at the middle then fold over to create a triangle. Either keep the triangle solid by gluing down the triangle or sewing the fabric. Other crafting use for string is by making macrame. Children will learn basic knot skills to create a lovely hanging pot. The twine can be used in 3D displays as ropes. It can also be used in crafting ideas such as framing around cards or frames.

As a result there are many uses for the twine and the children can use their imaginations to create lovely natural pieces. Ages 3+ years.

Twine Cotton 200m

3-5 days
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