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I didn't mean to do it.

Annie is not a witch, but when her mistress Lady Macbeth calls for a potion to 'stiffen Macbeth's sinews', Annie is caught up in plots that lead to murder, kingship and betrayal. Annie must choose between Rab the Blacksmith and Murdoch, Thane of Greymouth, ultimately discovering where her loyalty lies.


A searing story of passion, betrayal, battles and love, this is Shakespeare's Macbeth stripped of superstition, and its power and beauty refined into fewer words where good balances the evil and there is a happy ending - for some.

Following on from Ophelia, Queen of Denmark and I am Juliet, this is the third title in the series for young people that focuses on the reinterpretation of Shakespeare's classic and enduring plays.

Third Witch by Jackie French

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