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Inspire students to create their own simple illustrated stories with the Teachables Tell A Story Whiteboard A3 – Pack of 12.


The Tell A Story Whiteboard is ideal for sequencing and retelling the main events of a story, with space enough to illustrate the story's text. By creating and telling a story, children learn to organise their thoughts and use written language to communicate with readers in a variety of ways.

Writing stories also helps children to more easily read and understand stories written by other people. Additionally, using the Teachables Tell A Story Whiteboard, children can learn to plan and draft – other important skills learned in the storytelling process. They also learn about story structure and chronological order. When children retell their stories, it helps them improve their comprehension and communicative skills. Retelling stories encourages children to use their imagination, expand their ideas, and create visual images as they transfer the story plot
to new settings, including different characters or new voices.


The front of the larger sized A3 Tell A Story Whiteboard features 6 illustration boxes with accompanying lines for written text. The whiteboard is blank on the reverse making it a versatile resource for all other areas of the class curriculum. Both sides have a wipe off surface, meaning mistakes can be quickly and easily corrected.

Tell A Story A3 Whiteboards each or 12pkt

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