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Soft Foam Dice includes one yellow dice. Ideal for the exploration of mathematical concepts including numbers, counting and mathematical probability. The large size of these soft foam dice makes them a great classroom resource for large scale collaborative dice games in both the indoor and outdoor learning environments. They’re a terrific hands on learning resource to reinforce important key maths concepts.


Dice can be a versatile and open ended resource in the learning environment. They allow students to explore basic key maths concepts including number recognition, counting, addition, subtraction and multiplication. Roll the die and ask students what the number is that comes before or after the number on the dice. Ask students if the number facing up on the dice is an even or odd number. For more complex dice game roll two die and ask students to add the numbers together, subtract or multiply them.


Dice are also great for more advanced lessons including the exploration of chance and probability. What is the chance of rolling a specific number? And what if you roll two dice? Does the amount of sides on the dice affect the chances of rolling a specific number?


With dice in the classroom the possibilities for learning are endless!

Soft Foam Dice 20-sided Jumbo 150mm each

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