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Level III of this program is designed to help intermediate students learn more advanced singing, e.g., singing in parts.


Intermediate, includes more part-singing

(ages 6+)



  • Level III [Spiral-bound Book]
  • Audio CD
  • Coloring Sheets [Packet]
  • Level III - Piano Accompaniment [Spiral-bound Book]
  • E-Resources:
    • Vocal Warmup Exercises (MP3s, Lesson E-book PDF)
    • The Friendly Music Staff (MP3s, Lesson E-book PDF)
    • Christmas Carols (MP3s, Coloring Sheets PDF, Music E-book PDF)


Level III Contents:

  • Dance All You Choose
  • The Happy Plowman
  • Home on the Range
  • Loch Lomond
  • May Song (German)
  • Evening Bells
  • The Ash Grove
  • Swing Low, Sweet Chariot (Descant)
  • Tiritomba (2-part harmony)
  • Du, du, liegst mir im Herzen (German)
  • Over the River and Through the Woods
  • Sleep, O Holy Child of Mine (Italian)


If a student has done a lot of singing at home or in school and has reached the age of eight or older, we recommend beginning with Level III. Included in this set are one round and two songs in two-part harmony. There are two German songs and a Christmas carol in Italian and English. Many students and parents have mentioned that this is their favorite set. It has been very helpful to adults who have never learned to sing in harmony.


Dr. Suzuki always said it is important for students to hear the piece many times before learning it. The same is true for singing songs and with each harmony part. That’s why we recorded all the parts separately for greater ease in learning them. Families love to sing “Swing Low, Sweet Chariot” with a descant (a higher part to be sung above the melody).


“Over the River and Through the Woods” is a great holiday song and a good time to introduce a few choice hand gestures.


Students can sing along with the voice tracks on the audio CD until they know the songs and then with the accompaniment tracks only. Each of the books have music sheets with the chords; however, if you prefer to play with the music written out, a Level III Piano Accompaniment Book is available.


When students reach Level III and higher, we recommend using the Love of Singing Vocal Warm-Up Exercises audio download to enhance their understanding of preparation for singing. They can use it by themselves without a coach or parent standing by.

Singing Made Easy - Level III

  • Specifications: 

    CD, Book, and Coloring sheets

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