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Common Sense Press Reading Guides will introduce you and your children to many classic short stories. Unlike novels which can have many characters, complicated plots, and multiple themes, short stories have one or two main characters, a simple plot, and a centralized theme and can usually be read in one sitting. They come in every genre such as mystery, thriller, fantasy, and comedy. These stories are intended to be read aloud and enjoyed, and to encourage family interaction. You will find thoughtful discussion questions, suggestions to broaden your knowledge, and ways to develop your children’s creativity and writing skills.
This Reading Guide includes four short stories with surprising endings by O. Henry:
“The Last Leaf” – Approximate reading time 20 minutes
“The Gift of the Magi” – Approximate reading time 20 minutes
“After Twenty Years” – Approximate reading time 15 minutes
"Hearts and Hands" - Approximate reading time 10 minutes


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