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A Practical Journal - Writing text typesA practical journal (Ages 11+) is a full-colour resource designed to help teachers promote and develop a range of writing skills covering the following topics:* Impacts of technology;* Sources of energy;* Environmental issues;* Health, well-being and ‘who I am’;* Global concerns; and* Reaching out and stepping up.Students are encouraged to use their prior knowledge of the topics and their imagination, personal experience and opinions in completing different writing tasks in specific genres. A total of 60 writing topics covering six themes are included, focusing on the writing forms, recount, discussion, narrative, exposition, procedure, explanation and report.

RIC Publications: Writing Text Types 11+

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    • six themes, each with 10 writing activities
    • tasks cover the seven writing forms within each theme
    • explanation of each writing genre including definition, text structure and language features
    • icons indicate each theme being covered 

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