A Practical Journal - Writing text types

A practical journal (Ages 11+) is a full-colour resource designed to help teachers promote and develop a range of writing skills covering the following topics:

* Impacts of technology;
* Sources of energy;
* Environmental issues;
* Health, well-being and ‘who I am’;
* Global concerns; and
* Reaching out and stepping up.

Students are encouraged to use their prior knowledge of the topics and their imagination, personal experience and opinions in completing different writing tasks in specific genres. A total of 60 writing topics covering six themes are included, focusing on the writing forms, recount, discussion, narrative, exposition, procedure, explanation and report.

RIC Publications: Writing Text Types 11+

  • six themes, each with 10 writing activities
  • tasks cover the seven writing forms within each theme
  • explanation of each writing genre including definition, text structure and language features
  • icons indicate each theme being covered 

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