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This outstanding human torso is a must have in every classroom! Enhance your anatomy lessons and engage your student with this excellent torso model. Teach your student about the female body in one lesson. Change the interchangeable male and female urogenital organs and teach them about the male body in another lesson. It comes with a female breast plate and Interchangeable male and female genitalia. The female organs include a foetus in the womb. The human torso features an exposed spine with removable vertebra as well as spinal cord segments. This makes it possible to integrate the model in nervous system lessons.


The model comes with 23 removable parts, so students can study the human body and its organs and location of these organs in great detail. The model is real life size, which makes it an excellent resource to simulate an adult human body. Students can compare their body with the human torso and also find out where in the body they can find their organs. The model can be dissected into 23 parts: torso female breast plate head eyeball brain vertebra spinal nerves lung (2 parts) heart (2 parts) liver kidney stomach (2 parts) intestines (4 parts) male genitalia (2 parts) female genitalia with foetus (3 parts). This quality model is made of PVC plastic while mounted on a plastic base. The human torso measures 85 cm, making it a real life size model.

Real Life Size Unisex Human Torso – 23 Parts

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