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Discover the blended sound-sight approach to teaching your child to read! By combining phonics with some sight words, your child can begin to read quickly and with ease while building a solid foundation for the future. Games, activities, and stickers add interest for the child, and you'll love the clear directions and thorough explanations. Use concurrently with the PAL: Writing program.


Using poetry, the reading portion of the Primary Arts of Language teaches phonics and whole words







Students are introduced to letters through letter stories and discover the vowel and consonant pairs that help us read. Daily games played during “Activity Time” reinforce the phonetic concepts so that a student can know them completely. Note: The Reading program should be used concurrently with the Primary Arts of Language: Writing program, which includes the letter introduction through printing practice.


The Primary Arts of Language: Reading Complete Package includes:

  • Primary Arts of Language: Reading Teacher’s Manual
  • Primary Arts of Language: Reading DVD-ROM
    Includes the following:
    • Instructional Video by Jill Pike
    • Four MP3 audio talks:​
      • Nurturing Competent Communicators by Andrew Pudewa
      • The Four Language Arts by Andrew Pudewa
      • Poetry as an Integrator by Anna Ingham
      • Intro to the Blended Sound-Sight Program by Anna Ingham
    • Primary Arts of Language: Reading Student Book (e-book)
    • Primary Arts of Language: Phonetic Games
    • Primary Arts of Language: Phonetic Farm folder with stickers

Primary Arts of Language: Reading Complete Package

    • Primary (Prep-2)
    • Specials Needs
    • English Language Learners
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