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Prima Latina Copybook Sample


The Prima Latina Copybook is a cross-resource for Prima Latina and New American Cursive. Improve your student’s Latin and Cursive skills at the same time!


If you love Prima Latina and New American Cursive, then you will love Memoria Press’ Prima Latina Copybook! Get ready to help your children practice their Latin while developing their penmanship skills. The Prima Latina Copybook includes a cursive vocabulary practice page from each Prima Latina lesson and a cursive Latin prayer practice page for each Prima Latina review lesson. Features Iris Hatfield’s New American Cursive font!


About Prima Latina: Are you looking for a gentle introduction to Latin and a course that prepares your young student for a more advanced study of the language? We specifically designed Prima Latina for students and teachers with no Latin background. Children in first through fourth grade are still becoming familiar with English Grammar and may need to learn Latin at a slower pace, while also learning English grammar in the process. Its goal is to teach and reinforce an understanding of the basic parts of speech while introducing Latin. It benefits the student by teaching him half of the vocabulary in Latina Christiana I and grounding him in the fundamental concepts of English grammar, the key to Latin study.


About New American Cursive: The New American Cursive® (NAC) alphabet retains the classic style of yesteryear but has been simplified for three main reasons: legibility, ease of use, and speed. Unnecessary initial strokes and extra loops have been eliminated to meet the needs of today’s students for a beautiful, fast, legible script.

Prima Latina Copybook - Grades 1-4

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