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Number sense, geometry and logical thinking are essential for children learning mathematics in kindergartens. Early Math101 to go is designed for children aged 3-6. Parents can have quality play time with their children who can learn number sense, geometry and logical thinking through playing together. Each kit has high quality manipulatives, activity cards and activities, and is packaged in a hand carry plastic case.


Ideal to Learn:

  • number recognition 1 to 10
  • counting 1 to 10
  • adding to 10 and beyond
  • writing 1 to 10 beyond
  • numeral symbol
  • standard subitising patterns of 1 to 10
  • measuring 


Set includes:

  • 40 x 2cm Linking Cubes
  • 28 x Double 6 Dominoes
  • 1 x Beadstring – 20 Beads
  • 2 x Ten Frames
  • 20 x 2-color Counters
  • 1 x 6-sided Jumbo Dice
  •  1 x 10-sided Jumbo Dice
  •  25 x double-sided activity cards
  • Activity Guide in a plastic case.


Learn Number & Measurement

Ideal to learn: counting 1 to 5, number recognition 1 to 5, addition up to 5, measuring, sorting and matching, creative thinking skills and fine motor skills.

Endorsed by Dr Paul Swan

“These hands-on materials have been carefully selected to assist children in learning the foundations of mathematics – number skills, sorting and classifying and problem solving.”

Handy packaging

Packaged in a plastic case with carry handle. Perfect to carry and storage.

Number & Measurement Set Ages 4-5

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