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Six topical picture books have been placed together in the My Feelings Book Pack 2. The pack consists of: Polly’s Problem, Too Little, The Buddies, Coping with an Accident, Getting Lost and Going to Hospital.  My Feelings Book Pack 2 is a unique series designed to stimulate discussion about the big issues that young children may have to face. These books comprise of beautifully illustrated and sensitively written ‘read to’ texts for early childhood.


Polly’s Problem by Marion Rego is a picture book about the transition from leaving her friends at a play centre to going to school. At first Mum was too busy to pay attention to the problem but then she comes around and a solution is found.


Too Little by Diana Noonan relates to Feeling Needed and Self-Esteem. The youngest child in the family loves to help. But one Saturday no one wants any help – until there’s a problem that only a little person can solve.


The Buddies  by Amanda Jackson contains the themes of taking responsibility and safety. Eddie and Ra are best buddies. They have lots of fun together at kindergarten. But one day something dreadful happens. Ra accidentally injures Eddie. Ra feels terrible – will Eddie forgive him?


Jack and Patch by Jacqueline Forest involves the thematic concept of coping with an accident. Jack loves his dog Patch so much that he dreams about all the fun they have together. One day Patch is run over by a truck. Jack decides to bury him with his favourite toys. Jack still thinks about Patch and knows that they can always play together in his dreams.


Lost at the Show by Alan Bagnall involves the frigtening idea of getting lost. Ned and his dad are at the farm show. Ned gets lost and starts to cry – he can’t find Dad anywhere! Eventually, Dad and Ned find each other at the motorbikes and from then on Ned holds Dad’s hand firmly wherever they go.


Don’t Shout by Dianna Noonan touches on the topic of going to hospital. Whenever anyone wanted to speak to Hayley they had to shout! Hayley couldn’t hear very well and had to go to hospital for an operation. After the operation her brother asked her how it went – “don’t shout!” she had to say, “I can hear you now!”

My Feelings Book Pack/Individually

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