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• USB port connection, built-in 10x lens 
• Ulead Photo Explorer CD-ROM and 3cm adapter suitable for stereo microscopes 
Accessories: vinyl dust cover, 5 x prepared glass slides, 4 x plain slides, one concavity slide, 10 x capacity slide box, scalpel, plastic forceps, plastic dropper pipet, cover glass, replacement light bulb and lens paper. Specifications for use with a digital camera: 640 x 480 resolution, auto light contrast and fine focus, software compatible with Windows systems supporting USB (Windows 98 and up).$240.00(ex GST)

Microscope My First Lab Digital

$270.00 Regular Price
$243.00Sale Price
  • Worth a good look! Use with the digital eyepiece and connect to a computer via the USB port or with the included standard 10x eyepiece. View live colour images, save, edit, add text and even email! Includes: Lab Microscope. 
    • 10X wide field eyepiece with pointer, three achromatic objective lenses 
    • 4X, 10X & 40X power 
    • Magnification from 40X to 400X 
    • 9 x 9cm stage with clips
    • 6 hole disc diaphragm and easy grip knob with built in 15W illumination

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