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Magnetic Write & Wipe Sheets – 120 Hundred Board Create your own grid from 1 to 120 on a whiteboard in no-time with these magnetic hundred board sheets! The magnetic hundred board sheets (set of 2) have a strong backing and stick firmly to a magnetic whiteboard. Sheet 1 shows a grid with the numbers from 1 to 120 clearly printed on the grid, while sheet 2 is an empty grid with 10 x 12 squares. This sheet will help you understand that numbers don’t stop at 100, but are infinite and continue past 100. Both hundred board sheets are made of write and wipe material to be used with dry-wipe markers.


The hundred boards are supplied in a sturdy pouch for easy storage. To make sure the hundred board sheets will firmly stick to a magnetic whiteboard time after time, ensure that the sheets are stored completely flat. The boards measure 49 x 58cm, with each square on the grid measuring 4.5cm square.

Magnetic counters will also stick to the sheets (the magnetic counter sets TEB6062 and TEB6063 fit perfectly on the sheets, these sets are not included and sold separately). By adding magnetic counters to the sheet, you can cover up numbers you don’t want to show, create number patterns or, when used on the empty grid, can be used for graphing activities.


Magnetic Write & Wipe Sheet – Hundred Board

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