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Magnetic Word Making Chart

Only 1 left in stock
  • The magnetic word making chart contains magnetic letters, common digraphs and trigraphs to aid in teaching children how to read and spell.

    Letters included are a (x4), e (x4), i (x 3), o (x3), U (x3), s (x4), t (x3), f (x2), d (x2), h (x2), l (x3), c (x2), b (x2), v (x1), n (x 3), k (x2), j (x1), w (x2), p (x2), y (x2), x (x1), z (x2), m (x2), q (x1), r (x3), and one each of ar, ck, wh, ng, oi, ai , oa, oo, ch, th, oy, qu, sh, ay, ph, ou, aw, ow, ea, ie, igh, ue, ee, er, ir, ur, ear, or, au, ew, ui, oe, kn, wr and dge. 

    Can be hung up with cord.  Boards meassure 40cm x 32cm

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