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Magnetic Ridged Lower Case Letters Pk 72: These sturdy plastic magnetic letters have a ridge on them to allow children to trace their finger over the letter shape which helps with letter formation as children learn to write.


The letters have been designed to include a high quality magnet that sticks securely to magnetic whiteboards. The letters are in print font and therefore slightly smaller than standard magnetic letters. Hence facilitating word and sentence building on student whiteboards. The breakdown of the 72 letters in the set is based on the frequency of use of each letter in the English language. The lower case letters range from approximately 2.3 cm to 4.7 cm in height and 0.5 cm to 3.6 cm in width. Letters are also supplied in 3 bright colours in a small durable plastic tub.


Suitable for children ages 3+ years.

Magnetic Ridged Lower Case Letters 72 Tub

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