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The Human Face of Linear Algebra


Fred goes on a picnic with his two best friends.

A college-level (post-calculus) course in Linear Algebra which includes all the standard topics . . .

  • Systems of Equations with lots of ways to solve them
  • All Kinds of Spaces—Vector, Inner Product, and Dual Spaces
  • Linear Transformations including linear functionals


All fun! Just open and enjoy.


Solving systems of equations with one, many, and no solutions. Gauss-Jordan elimination. Gaussian elimination. Matrices. LU-decomposition. Vector spaces. Inner product spaces. Gram-Schmidt orthogonalization process. Fourier series. Data fitting. Linear Transformations. Linear functionals. Dual spaces. Eigenvalues and eigenvectors. Markov chains.

NEW Life of Fred: Linear Algebra Expanded Edition

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