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Learning about the alphabet has never been more fun! This highly engaging and fun book provides children with the opportunity to discuss the letters of the alphabet, both upper case and lower case along with explore the sounds the letters make. There are more then 280 labelled diagrams in this book which help to develop children vocabulary and understanding of the alphabet. 

The 'Let's Learn' series also encourages discussion by prompting children to ask questions like, "what sound does a cow make?" in the Let's Learn Animals Board Book, "what do you wear on your feet?" in the Let's Learn First Words Board Book, and consider interesting facts is the most popular colour used on flags in the world in the Let's Learn Colours Board Book.

These books will last for years as children will use them for different learning as they grow. A 3 year old will love to learn new concepts and develop their vocabulary through reading the illustrations whilst a 5 or 6 year old will be able to develop their reading skills, high frequency word knowledge and even spelling skills. 


These books can be purchased individually or as a collection. 


Suitable for children in pre school, foundation and grades 1, 2 & 3.

Let's Learn Alphabet Board Book

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