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Learning Can Be Fun Numbers 0-100 flash cards introduce children to number recognition and counting. Children need experience in counting, and talking about numbers; these cards will make the experience much more fun! Flash cards show the different ways in which numbers can be represented: number symbol (7), number word (seven). Children can use them to count in multiples and even and odd numbers. Once children master the numbers, they can use the symbol cards (-, +, x, ÷, >, < and =) to build maths equations. Activity guide includes numerous ways of 
using these 63 flash cards to develop primary maths skills. Cards are laminated, colour coded, with rounded edges for easy sorting. 
Measure 87mm x 123mm.
Contents include:
• 51double-sided number cards
• 9 double-sided maths symbol cards
• 3 double-sided blank cards
• 2 double-sided activity guide cards

Numbers 0-100 Flashcards

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