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The simple design of the Learning Can Be Fun Multiplication flash cards assists children to learn and memorise the multiplication facts from 0-12. Self-checking format, with answers shown on the back of each card, allows children to work independently. Activity guide includes numerous ways of using these 63 flash cards, 
for example:
• Explanation of how multiples of numbers will be a part of everyday 
life in the future.
• Children take a card and repeat the problem and answer to you.
• Learning the mathematical vocabulary involved: the numbers being 
multiplied are the factors.
• The multiplication symbol is an x. The answer to the multiplication 
problem is called the product.
All cards are laminated, colour coded and have rounded edges for easy 
sorting. Measure 87mm x 123mm.
Contents include:
• 63 double-sided, self-checking multiplication cards
• 2 double-sided activity guide cards

Multiplication 0-12 Flashcards

$5.95 Regular Price
$4.76Sale Price
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