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These Safety Goggles Ventilated are sold individually, so that you can choose the exact number you need to kit out or replenish your classroom set!Safety goggles are an essential item in any classroom laboratory, and these goggles are designed to be comfortable and long-lasting. Perfect for regular, frequent use in school science experiments! Also suitable to use to ensure safety in technology classrooms with woodworking or metalworking tools.

These goggles are made from durable PC plastic, and have a flexible PVC frame to provide maximum comfort and protection during science experiments. The goggle design is ideal, as it provides more thorough protection than standard safety glasses would. This is great for ensuring eye protection for students who may be unfamiliar with the potential hazards during some science experiments.

They feature ventilation along the sides of the goggles, which helps to prevent fogging, and temperature discomfort while students are wearing their safety goggles.

The handy elasticised back-strap keeps these goggles snug on students. One size fits all! Ideal for classroom laboratories that will have students with a range of different ages using these safety goggles.


Measurements: 19cm at the longest point, and 7cm at the widest point.

Suitable for use in High School Laboratories, and Professional Laboratories.

These safety goggles meet AMSI approved standards.


For maximum Safety Goggle hygiene, please see UV Germicidal Goggle Sanitiser. This sanitiser uses UV light to kill any germs on your classroom’s safety goggles, ensuring the safety of your students and maintaining the cleanliness of your laboratory.

Safety Goggles - 1 piece

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