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This Insect Life Cycles layered puzzle set of 3 explore nature by zooming in to reveal a fascinating view of growth and life cycles. The first layer puzzle is cut into 4 pieces, the second into 6 pieces and the third layer into 9 pieces.

This set of 3 explore the life cycles of bees, butterflies and ladybird. Each shows the progression of the bee, butterfly and ladybird so the children clearly understand each step and can the look at the similarities and differences of each.

Students will enjoy piecing together the different layers and learning about each different insects life cycle. Covers many topics of science and discovery, making of honey all while using their hand eye coordination to complete the puzzle. Educators can tailor the lesson to the targeted age group or have break out learning areas to enhance further learning. An excellent teaching aid for young students to enhance their learning.

Puzzles are a great activity for young children to develop fine motor skills, visual and memory skills, categorising and sorting skills, whilst playing and having fun.

Each wooden layered puzzle measures 17.5 x 16 x 2cm thick. Set includes Bee Life Cycle (JJ600), Butterfly Life Cycle (JJ601) and Ladybird Life Cycle (JJ602). Ages 3+ years

Insect Life Cycles Layered Puzzle Set of 3

3-5 days
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