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Explore our universe with this inflatable solar system classroom set. Teach size and distance relationships of planets, the moon and the sun. Learn about rotation, revolution and orbit in three dimensions with this durable, washable solar system set. Also great for creating an out-of-this-world play corner! Each colourful planet (and sun) inflates easily.The planet sizes vary from a 91cm Sun and proportionate planets and moon with sizes ranging from 20 to 55cm. When the lesson is over, hang everything from the ceiling on the hooks provided. Suitable for children aged 6 years and over.

Also includes a foot pump, teacher’s activity guide and hooks for easy hanging.This unique solar system set turns any room into an intergalactic experience! The set includes: 8 planets with hanging hooks, Pluto, Sun, Earth’s Moon, Convenient foot pump, Activity Guide with fun planet facts as well as a repair kit.


Measurements (diameters): Sun (91cm), Jupiter (55cm), Saturn (45cm with rings), Neptune (35cm), Uranus (35cm), Venus (30cm), Earth (30cm), Mars (25cm), Mercury (25cm), Pluto (20cm) and Moon (20cm).

Inflatable Solar System Set

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