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This human heart model is made to life size scale. It is an excellent resource to teach students about the blood circulation in the heart. The human heart model dissects into 2 parts. It helps students understand the external features and the internal structures of the heart, and their relationships with the large blood vessels. It helps them to obtain a clear conception of the routes of the systemic and pulmonary circulation. Your students will learn the location and function of the four different chambers; two atria and two ventricles. Teach your students how oxygen rich blood, coming from the lungs, enters the heart in the left atrium, where it is pumped to your left ventricle. From there, it is pumped through the rest of your body, to deliver oxygen to body parts where the oxygen is needed. Once the oxygen is delivered, the blood takes up the carbon dioxide that is created by the cells in our body. This carbon dioxide rich blood travels back to the heart and enters the heart through the right atrium, to be squeezed into the right ventricle. From there, it is pumped back to the lungs to change the carbon dioxide rich blood for oxygen rich blood. This human heart model is perfect to demonstrate this blood flow through the heart. An excellent resource for primary and high schools.

Human Heart Model - Life Size - 2 Parts

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