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These Hand Magnifiers – Pack of 12 can be used to view small objects up close. Each magnifier measures 15.5cm long, with a diameter of 7.5cm. Both the frame and handle are made of plastic, and the lens is made of glass with a magnification of 5X, making small objects appear 5 times larger than they are!


Investigate the world of the small up close with the detail you can’t see without the magnification. These easy to use Hand Magnifiers are perfect for little hands and make exploring the world around us fun and interactive. They are perfect in every classroom, from childcare centers to primary schools. The magnification of 5X will enable users to view small objects 5 times their original size, and will be sure to amaze children at the beauty they can find in nature. Children can look at anything from ants to sand. Exploring the world around them has never been more interesting!

Hand Magnifiers – Pack of 12

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