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6-9 YEARS | 2-4 Players



  • Vocabulary
  • Grammar
  • Oral expression 


The Details

Mr. Noun, Ms. Pronoun, Mr. Verb, and Ms. Adjective are scattered all over. Get to know them better and test your English grammar. Can you help them find their best-matched friends? And they can help you create new sentences. 


A game that will get you exercising your colour and language muscles at the same time! Provides a fun alternative to repetitive and boring homework practice. A great literacy game and resource for language classrooms.


Whether you are a beginner or a master, learning English has never been more fun! 


How to Play?

- All players take 6 tokens each.
- Start the game by placing a start token in the center & take turns rolling the coloured die. E.g. if you roll blue, match a token to the blue-coloured face of a token on the table.
- If the blue on the table has a part of speech written on it, then you must pick up a word that are examples of that part of speech and place it next to it. eg. Noun-purple, adjective-funny
- If the blue has a word written on it, then you must pick up the corresponding ‘part of speech token’ and place it next to it. eg. ‘yacht’ is a ‘noun’.
- Once you have added your token to those on the table, you must draw another one. You might have to miss a turn or draw more tokens depending on the roll of the die.
- Keep drawing tokens till there are no tokens left.
- The first player to finish his/her tokens is the winner.

What's in the Box?

40 Cardboard Tokens, 2 Start Cardboard Tokens, 1 Wooden Colour Die, Game Guide with Answers.

Grammar Wise Colourful Language Game

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