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Set Includes

72 beads, 2 laces, Fun2 messy tray and 25 double-sided activity cards.


Children will love exercising their fine motor skills as they learn about size, shape, and color variation. This set provides endless possibilities for learning these important skills, while also laying the foundations for basic math concepts.


Learn Skill

  • sorting
  • patterning
  • positioning
  • logical thinking
  • reflection 
  • rotation
  • making shapes
  • creative designs


Ideal STEAM product

It links art and mathematics. It will stimulate children’s imagination and creative thinking skills.

Learning through play

Great tool for sorting, patterning, positioning, logical thinking, reflection and rotation.

Hands on Learning

Have fun developing early childhood skills in basic maths and fine motor skills. Encourage kids to separate the beads into groups, create specific patterns, sequencing or simply use their imagination to design their own art piece.

Fun Play Attribute Beads 92 pieces Boxed

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