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Engaging Maths: Everyday Investigations for Grades 3 to 6 is a combination of a book, a set of photo cards and a disc with these photos. It is a collection of rich, open-ended tasks based on more than 30 photographs of items that children see in their day-to-day lives. The photographs are used as a stimulus for a wide range of engaging mathematics that highlight the usefulness of mathematics and makes links between ‘classroom’ maths and real-life maths. An ideal resource for primary school teachers to bring mathematics alive with everyday objects. Each Engaging Maths – Everyday Investigations book includes: – A disc with photographs which enables you to show the photographs on a big screen or to print them off – A set of photo cards representing each photograph from the book, with the activities related to the photo on the back of the photo card – And of course the book The Engaging Maths – Everyday Investigations book is written by Dr Catherine Attard and John Pattison, and the photographs are taken by John Pattison. Dr Catherine Attard lectures in primary mathematics pedagogy and comes from a primary teaching background. Her research is focused on engagement with mathematics and issues surrounding the pedagogical practices that influence students’ engagement, with a particular focus on middle years classrooms. Catherine is currently researching the effective use of mobile technologies to enhance the teaching and learning of mathematics. John has extensive experience in the teaching of mathematics in primary schools and in teacher professional development with the NSW Department of Education. He is currently is involved in the mathematics education of pre-service teachers at the University of Western Sydney and as a mathematics consultant. John’s major interest is in making the teaching of mathematics relevant to the lives of students. He believes that this can be achieved by encouraging students to investigate using real life experiences and the integration of mathematics through all aspects of the school curriculum.John also has an interest in photography and in its use as effective technology in the development of mathematical understanding.

Engaging Maths: Everyday Investigations for Year 3 to 6

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