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Attention & Focus

Visual Spatial 

Quick Thinking & Action

  • This game promotes attention and focus, visual spatial awareness, quick thinking and action.

  • Join the woodland wonder with a party in the forest. There are orders to be completed and you need to collect the food as fast as you can. But the animals digging the food are constantly challenged by the shifting underground maze. Spin the spinner and let the frenzy begin! Mentally trace the underground path from the animal to the food and shout “Dug!” before the other player does. Grab the 5 food items as you make your way to the party.

    Contains: 2 animal boards, 2 ground boards, 2 food boards, 1 wooden spinner, 20 food tokens, 8 order cards, 2 heart tokens, 1 care paper bag, and instructions.

    Age 4 years and above

    No. of players: 1-2


    Measures in cm: 33x13x6.4

Dig-Up Mental Tracking Game

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