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'Dazzlefire Phonics' is recommended for teaching reading for these two reasons:


  • its simple 
  • it works!


No gimmicks or expensive extras to purchase, this programme offers simple, lesson-by-lesson phonics instruction  over a course of one year, with each lesson building upon the last.


'Dazzlefire Phonics' has been produced with one goal - to teach reading.  For this reason, the lessons are set out in large, clear printing, with no bright, distracting pictures.  Just enough small stories have been included to practice and review the phonograms learnt with overloading the student.


By reading the lessons and coupling that with copy and dictation work, all children will benefit with the short, daily lessons as taught in 'Dazzlefire Phonics'



Teaching Manual

Flashcards Sets 1-3

Colouring Books 1-3

Dazzlefire Phonics Complete Set by Linda Maher

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