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Grades 3-4


With several lessons that feature art projects inspired by Charlotte’s WebThe Book of Astronomy, and The Moffats, Creating Art is a perfect introduction to art for students in the grammar stage.


Creating Art covers general color theory, basic art techniques, and a beginning knowledge of early art history and includes quizzes to assess mastery. Throughout the course, students will create Mesopotamian and Egyptian art, portraits, landscapes, still life, and pieces of art that relate to literature and science.


This guide works with approximately 10-15 students and also for individual use. Each lesson lasts about 30-45 minutes long, and builds on a foundation from which students should be able to refer to and apply to future lessons. The goal of Creating Art is to build an understanding of general color theory and basic art techniques, as well as a beginning knowledge of early art history, and a reinforcement of the Memoria Press Third Grade Curriculum. This guide is particularly beneficial when class discussions and explanations include course terms.


Each class and/or student works at various paces, thus you as the teacher must adjust the pace and time given to each lesson to that which suits your circumstance. Keep in mind the following factors: class size, number of meetings within the week or month, time allowed for projects, lectures, and quizzes. The quizzes are optional but allow you to develop your own class structure, as well as assess terms and understanding.


Creating Art Sample

Creating Art - Grades 3-4

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