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The Circular Sand and Water Tray is a versatile addition to any early childhood learning environment. The tray is constructed from durable plastic, designed to withstand regular use. It is supported by a heavy-duty steel tubular frame, providing stability and ensuring longevity.

Designed with multiple interior levels and slopes, this tray allows children to explore a range of different activities, enhancing their sensory experiences and encouraging their curiosity. Whether filled with water, sand, or other tactile materials, the tray offers endless possibilities for creative and imaginative play.

The tray comes complete with a moulded plastic lid, which can be used to cover the tray when not in use, keeping the contents clean and ready for the next day's learning adventures.

With a diameter of 75cm and a height of 58cm, the Circular Sand and Water Tray is spacious enough for multiple children to play and explore together, promoting social skills and cooperative play. Its circular design encourages children to move around and engage with the tray from all angles, stimulating physical activity and coordination.


  • Material: Durable Plastic Tray with Heavy-Duty Steel Tubular Frame
  • Dimensions: Diameter - 75cm, Height - 58cm
  • Features: Multiple Interior Levels and Slopes
  • Accessories: Comes with a Moulded Plastic Lid

Circular Water Tray

2-3 weeks
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